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“Not every solution is the answer to a problem.”
(motto of the book)



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Volume 2:

Published by Luster (2016)
Photography        David Helbich
Graphic design    Sven Beirnaert
Finish                      Linen soft cover
# pages                    304 – 302 photos
Format                    11 x 17 cm
Language              English
ISBN                       9789460581991

Volume 1:

Published by Luster (2015)
Photography        David Helbich
Graphic design    Sven Beirnaert
Finish                    Linen soft cover
# pages                 304
Format                  11 x 17 cm
ISBN                      9789460581571


Info for the first two prints:

2013, SC / 302 pages / 17 x 13 cm
Published by MediuMER
Author David Helbich
Design Studio Luc Derycke
Print Lannoo, Tielt
ISBN 978-94-9177-513-0

The Book “Belgian solutions – Volume 1”  was originally published in October 2013 by MediumMER. After selling out two prints in 8 months, the book was republished, with refreshed photos and a  new cover in 2015 by publisher Luster, Antwerp.

Volume 1 contains 301 photographs: 261 photos by me and 40 by others. The photos by others where selected from the hundreds of posts on the facebook site.  More than 100 photographs where never posted on the facebook page before and 14 are not made in Belgium.

Centre Pompidou, Paris