Facebook + Instagram



This project had its origins on Facebook. First there was a private album, in 2007, where I uploaded photos that I thought where funny. Observation from my getting-around in B-land. I had with my first camera phone (like 3 pixels per picture…) and FB popped up in my environment, there was this weird new feeling of publicness on the internet and every like was an event. Giving an album a title was an event. I called it Belgian solutions. Thought this was funny and right. Still think it is. When stuff got more organized on FB, the cool kids made groups. I got one. It went super. Every like an event, every follower (where people called like that?) an event. Then FB said, we should all get a page for more traffic. They tried to give different formats functions (total fail, even our boring urban lifes are more complex). The page was hot for a while, but once it got too hot, like too many people, FB thought, let’s earn (even more) money. They kind of blackmailed all pages to either boost (=pay) or die a silent death of invisibility. Suddenly 35.000 followers would not see a thing they or I posted. So, I went to Instagram (2015?), like everyone, and started anew. This somehow still does the trick. I post very sometimes own pictures, but mainly share pictures of others (as stories). The funny thing is that the old FB group suddenly started burning again. No idea what happened. But have a look!

group https://www.facebook.com/groups/208156957387/

page https://www.facebook.com/Belgiansolutions/

insta https://www.instagram.com/belgiansolutions/